Adult Classes

Personal Finance Workshop

Join us on Mondays 7-8pm at The Focus Center office for the Personal Finance Workshop!

This free workshop covers a wide range of topics about personal finance:

  • Credit (how it works & how to repair it)
  • Making the most of government assistance
  • Debt (The big picture)
  • Bank account management
  • Check writing
  • Budgeting

Call our office to learn more and sign up! (757) 233-0034

Computer Class

Come click your way to a new set of skills on computers on Fridays from 5-6pm!

New at TFC this semester are our weekly computer classes. Led by an intern, this interactive course is geared to helping individuals succeed professionally, and independently. Over time, the course will cover the basics of navigating through a desktop, typing , and accessing the world wide web. By the end of the course participants should be proficient in using Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and have access to their own email address. This beginner course is a great resource for those looking to apply for jobs or return to school.

Women's Empowerment

Caring, sharing, and supporting each other: reaching out to make a difference. Thursdays 6-8pm

The Women’s Empowerment group helps women rediscover the power within themselves. With a strong emphasis on community, shared vulnerability, and encouragement, this class helps build confidence and strength amongst women. The goal is to inspire and encourage women to break free from chains of constraint; to be informed, resourceful, and rise above the obstacles they face.

The women’s empowerment group connects women from the community and brings them into God’s world. It helps build our relationship with God, while helping women with issues such as friendships and relationships. It is a great group, with positive meaning.

Shake 'Em Up Fitness

Shake 'Em Up is a fitness class that is designed to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness while having fun. It is crafted around the idea of motivating individuals physically, mentally, and spiritually. This class is another tool of fellowship and communication for the entire neighborhood.

Join Robin and other motivated women every Tuesday from 6-7:15 pm on the 3rd floor of the Park Place United Methodist Church.

Neighborhood Bible Study

Helping you find, follow, and fulfill your purpose in life. Tuesdays 6-7pm

The weekly community Bible study gathers with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of God through scripture. The group is intended for members at any juncture of their walk with Christ. Members encourage each other to grow in faith, while engage in positive behaviors that model after Christ.

Night Shift: Addiction Recovery Group

The Night Shift is an anonymous, community-led, support group. The group meets twice a week to share experiences, discuss progression, and offer emotional support to each other. The environment is structured around the prototypical 12-step program, and is open to anyone in need of a support system. The night shift program is a network for individuals to assist one another, while creating positive outlooks from within.

 Every Monday and Thursday night from 5-6pm at Park Place United Methodist Church

Eric's contact info:

The name of our group used to be Recovery for Life. One day a few of us were in the kitchen of the church cutting potatoes for the Community Supper and talking, and a man named Fred said to me: ‘Man, we need an identity change—we need to change the name of this group.’ I thought and then said, ‘You know, good things happen at midnight, at that dark midnight hour when you feel like giving up. That’s when good things happen.’ And Fred said, ‘Let’s call it the Night Shift. It will be the time when we find strength in our dark hour.’ It was a powerful moment for me, and the Night Shift really has been just that.
— ERIC, local pastor, Night Shift leader
At my second week attending the Addiction Recovery class, I was asked out of the blue to lead a prayer, which was uncomfortable for me because I do not usually pray openly. I was obedient and led the prayer. That night, 2 participants accepted Christ and 2 re-dedicated their lives. It was humbling for me to be a part of that night. I have been to addiction meetings before, and none have ever been as Spirit-filled as that one. That class has become a part of me. I can’t see myself not being there. And the participants that gave their lives to Christ have kept coming, with the same zeal and energy they had that night.
— LYNETTE, intern

Past Classes

Personal Care Aide Certification Course

While we no longer offer this class, we do still provide certificate verification for past participants. If you were previously enrolled and need a copy of your certificate, please contact us at 757-431-7258.