We offer academic and behavioral intervention programs for students throughout the school day. These programs are created and implemented in partnership with school specialists, teachers, and school administrators. This year we have a Pre-K Success Program, Anti-Bullying student groups, and an Intervention Team mobilized to support the 2nd grade classrooms. 10% of the student body receives one-on-one case management support from our staff and interns. 

In addition, we place volunteers and interns into classrooms to function as teacher aides. These individuals are utilized in a variety of ways: they work one-on-one with students, facilitate small group stations, provide additional classroom supervision, and give overall support to the teachers. We are able to provide classroom support to over half of the school body.

Students receiving individual support: 45

Percentage of student population receiving individual support: 10%     

Hours collectively spent with those students each week: 30 


Students receiving overall classroom support: 246

Percentage of student population receiving classroom support: 55%

Hours spent each week in overall classroom support (all students): 122


Interns working in classrooms: 15    

Volunteers working in classrooms: 4   

TFC staff working in classrooms: 3     

                        Total Jamaa Team: 22

Hours (weekly) spent by Jamaa Team in the school: 152  

Without the necessary and vital support of The Focus Center, James Monroe would not be able to function in the capacity in which we now operate.
— Celeste Jones, Principal