Our weekly after school programs offer academic and social support services for 3rd - 5th grade students. Our Boys & Girls Clubs utilize character-based curriculum and community volunteer mentors to help students develop behavioral and emotional intelligence. We inject art enrichment activities throughout the school year to expose students to new creative outlets: Currently, we have chess club, poetry writing, and LEGO club, all of which operate within our Boys & Girls Clubs.

Students involved in our after school programs: 32

Volunteers supporting our after school programs: 10

I have been in Girl’s Club for one year. My favorite person to work with is Mr. Billy because he is always here for us, always helping us and taking us to do what we need to do. He has a good reputation.

It is fun to come to Boys’ Club—it is awesome! I can work on my homework, and on Thanksgiving we had a pizza party with apple juice and snow cones, so we have fun too!
— Christy & Jaden, James Monroe Students